Free Yourself from Manual Slip Processing

The Slipbot uses State-of-the-Art AI technology to automatically process and document Facultative and Treaty Reinsurance Slips for all lines of business.

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Reduce Slip Processing Time by up to 93%

The Slipbot runs all Slip Processing operations in the background, requiring almost no interaction from your underwriters.

Fits Any Underwriting Workflow

The slipbot performs exactly the same whether your underwriter likes to process Slips as they come in, or save them all for a certain part of the day. It can also process after business hours.

What People Say


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Slipbot is an automation company focused on creating practical solutions for the Reinsurance Industry. Slipbot is a subsidary of Autonomi Inc.

Understands Slips Regardless of Format

The Slipbot uses Advanced Artificial Intelligence to read Facultative and Treaty Slips. It is capable of reading both Slip Policy and Word Contract documents.

The Slipbot can interact your document management system exactly how a human underwriter would. 

Works with Any Reinsurance System

Works in Any Language

While the Slipbot currently supports English and Spanish slips, its functionality is easily expanded to support any language, allowing you to automate slips from any locale. 

Remove administrative tasks and improve your bottom line

The typical reinsurance underwriter (or assistant) spends over 2 hours a day on slip processing. If the profit is in the analysis, why are they spending so much time on documentation?

See It in Action

The Slipbot is a tool that works in the background to process slips while your underwriters focus on other things. The system is triggered by a simple drag-and-drop to a folder on their desktop.


Get More Accomplished

Slip Processing typically forces underwriters to delay time-sensitive tasks. Remove the administrative bottleneck standing between you and your company's potential.

Boost Your Bottom Line Growth

Every minute your underwriters spend doing manual administrative tasks is a minute they are not spending writing profitable business. Empower your underwriters to do what they do best.

No More SlipsGet My Time Back

More Revenue. Less Paperwork.

Get More Done

"Look I'm not even going to implement on about 90% of these things, but my underwriter still has to go through every single one and make sure they all get added to our system. I mean it just takes forever."

Andy Downey

CEO - Solis Re

"At the end of every month I have to print and go through every slip. And why are some slips like 100 pages? That's ridiculous, such a waste of time."

Rick Tjarks

Account Underwriter - EMC Re

"I spend probably about half of my time everyday just making sure everything I get sent is put in the system. I honestly don't even spend much time doing modeling, I just don't even get the chance."

Tami Burnett

Underwriter - 

First Administrators Inc.